Student Testimonials

Below are several testimonials that document the experiences of our students. We’d love to hear what you have to say and add it to our page, so please contact us with your testimonial.


“So last week after I worked too hard in a yoga class, I started to have some lower lumbar/sacral twinges upon rising which would resolve during the day. But this morning I was barely able to stand any weight on my spine and was afraid of moving.  My hubby got me down on my hands and knees to stretch out my spine a bit which allowed me to be able to stand up and bear weight, but not move.  Then I remembered I should try Tai chi and was able to do parts 1and 2 even slower than the music and 3 or 4 more times flowing through it! Now I’m moving, sitting, standing and only feel like I’ve been bruised in my lower back, but totally mobile! This is exactly why I thought Tai Chi would be a good tool for me! So I thought about you and knew you’d be proud of me!”

-Judi B.


“Anne and Bob, Thank you for allowing me to participate in your classes while visiting from Raleigh. It was relaxing, invigorating and renewing! The healing power of Tai Chi is evident in all your classes!”


“As a physical therapist, former Tai Chi instructor and participant in Anne’s classes, I thoroughly recommend Anne’s Tai Chi classes to anyone willing to learn from her gracious presence, physical therapy expertise, and style of teaching.”

“Instructor was very patient and willing to repeat sequences.”

“Improved my balance a lot – strengthened my weak ankle so I’m closer to weight bearing equally.”

“I’m getting to understand the practice now and developing more energy…happy with the entire course.”

“Most beneficial part of training were the slow methodical demonstrations.”

“I can put on my pants safely now standing up with good balance – before I hopped around all over the floor about to fall.”

“Thank you for your great introduction to Tai Chi. I am using the DVD in several ways, probably the most important is the evening cooldown before sleep. I am sleeping better, and my back and legs are less painful.” 

“I love the classes and the pace is excellent. The patience of the instructors is phenomenal”

“I’m getting to understand the practice now and developing more energy…happy with the entire course.”

“Relaxing – both the moves and the music….The class accommodates everyone’s learning style and physical needs….well planned, excellent instruction”

“Happy to have a system which I know affects me in healthy ways.”

“Helps me release muscular tension and improves my posture dramatically.”

“Smaller motor muscles stronger, balance & leg strength improved, focus, energy and movement improved.”

“More awareness of foot loading….I can stand longer – a big change!”