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Kim Heiselman

Instructor Kim Heiselman

Kim Heiselman, MD is a family physician who has been practicing Tai Chi for Arthritis since August 2012. She is a certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 and Part 2 instructor. She has studied with master trainers Caroline DeMoise, and Bill and Linda Pickett, as well as with Dr. Paul Lam. She has found that the Tai Chi for Arthritis form can be used by people both with and without arthritis as an effective tool for health promotion. It is a wonderful way of becoming more active in developing and maintaining wellness.

Dr. Heiselman has been a practicing family physician for 19 years at the Hot Springs Health Program in Madison County. She is inspired every day by the strength and stories of her patients. She believes that listening and connecting to others is the key to being a good doctor. She is excited about expanding the ways she can help others heal to include Tai Chi for Arthritis classes.

In addition to Tai Chi practice, she finds personal renewal in nature, and playing outdoors. She loves hiking, paddling, mountain biking and gardening.

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