About Instructor Dennis Hagarty



Instructor Dennis Hagarty

Dennis became a Tai Chi Arthritis Level I instructor under TCHI’s Master Trainer, Caroline Demoise, in September 2013. He trained under Master Trainer Bill Pickett and Senior Trainer Linda Puckett for Level 2 instructor certification in January 2014. In October he participated in Dr. Paul Lam’s “Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi” workshop in Asheville. Dennis has been working with Anne and Bob Plyler, teaching at First Baptist Church for several years.  He’s also been instrumental in bring Tai Chi to the VA Hospital in Asheville for the first time and will be teaching classes to veterans there.

As a nurse for 33 years, Dennis has spent the past 30 years working with veterans in both the Durham and Asheville VAMC.  He served on the Executive Board of the International Nurses Society of Addiction (IntNSA) from 2012-2015.   For the past 10 years, Dennis has been working with Veterans with substance use disorder. He’s spoken at international conferences and published on addiction topics. He authored a chapter on complementary and alternative treatments in the CORE Curriculum for Addictions Nursing. Dennis is also a Level IV Healing Touch provider.